We Are Intelligent Healthy and Beautiful

Coyote Fifty is for Women who Celebrate and Embrace Being Fifty or More

Believing Age is an Attitude and Service Above Self

Christie Robbins cuts hair for the Children of the Dump Organization in Puerta Vallarta Coyote Fifty at the Phoenix Race for the Cure
All Dressed up in Cabo Coyote Fifty Women out for dinner in Cabo, 2008
Checkin time at the hotel in Cabo, 2008 Coyote Fifty Girls at the Rawhide Event
REhersal for the Super Bowl Half time show, 2008 Super Bowl half time show rehearsal, 2008
Cristie in command of the whale watching cruise! Christie in charge of the whale watching cruise!
Christmass Meet and Greet, Glendale AZ 2007 Christmas Meet-Up, Glendale AZ 2007
Christmass Meet and Greet, Glendale AZ 2007 Line dancing at the Rawhide Event
The Cabo San Lucas Harbor at sunset, 2008 The Cabo San Lucas harbor at sunset, 2008
Coyote Fifty on a Pirate Cruise in Cabo, 2008 Coyote Fifty on a pirate cruise in Cabo, 2008
Enjoying the sunset on the Pirate Cruise, Cabo 2008 Enjoying the sunset on the Pirate Cruise, Cabo 2008
Coyote Fifty girls enjoy a dinner out on the town in Cabo, 2008 Coyote Fifty girls enjoy a dinner out on the town in Cabo, 2008
A rainy day at Super Bowl rehearsal, Jan. 2008 A rainy day at Super Bowl rehearsal, Jan. 2008


Kathy and Christie - Co-Founders of Coyote Fifty Christie and Kathy

We hope that you will find Coyote Fifty a new avenue to become involved in your community, celebrate your beauty, to lead to an active and healthy lifestyle while socializing with other women sharing your ideals.

Coyote Fifty is about embracing life, womanhood, maturity, and involvement in charity work.

To find out more about Coyote Fifty's goals, go to the About Us page or the Contact Page and let us answer any questions we can about who we are and how you can become involved.


Experience the Coyote Fifty Web Forum!

If you are not familiar with a Web Forum, it is very intuitive to use and your postings are visible instantly for all other Coyote Fifty members to view. Coyote Fifty members have the ability to respond to postings with a posting of their own, so that the forum becomes very much like a running conversation!

The Coyote Fifty Forum is for Members only and is an excellent tool for planning and coordinating new events; carpooling plans, meeting points etc. Also, you will be able to easily find out who is planning or attending Coyote Fifty events in your community.


We would like to thank all of those that contributed and participated in Coyote Fifty's growth and success. We are excited and very optimistic that our organization will continue to be even more successful as we learn how to best serve our members needs and make changes in our organization that reflect those needs.

How to become a Coyote Fifty Member

Becoming a registered member of Coyote Fifty is important and easy. Fill out the Membership Registration Form to start your Coyote Fifty Membership today!

Coyote Fifty Meetups and Charity events are planned for Coyote Fifty Members throughout the year in various cities and locations. Non members may attend their first Meetup with no obligation, but to assist us in planning registration is required. For non-members wishing to attend a 'Meet-Up" please fill out the Event Registration form on the Event Registration page.


Coyote Fifty has been making newspaper headlines! Want to learn what the press is saying about Coyote Fifty and what we are all about? We have had press coverage in 4 different news papers just in the last few months.

Read the articles recently published on our In the News Page.


Go to our Contact Information Page for information on how to contact us!

Coyote Fifty Women Contribute to the "Race for the Cure" BenefitCoyote Fifty women carry the Coyote Fifty Banner at the Susan G. Komen "Race For the Cure".


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